Green Firearm Licences

Dear Member,

  1.  We have it on good authority that SAPS have given their legal counsel instruction to ask an appropriate court to have the interim order in the 2009 SA Hunters’ case, which has stood for 11 years, be declared invalid (set aside).
  2. The 2009 interim order in the SA Hunters case stipulated that all green licences (also those pasted in old ID books) issued in terms of the 1969 Act will remain valid until the main case had been heard.  That main case has not yet been heard, resulting in green licences remaining valid.
  3. If the SAPS application referred to in 1 above would be successful and the 2009 interim order is set aside, people with firearms for which they only have green licences, could find themselves in illegal possession of such firearms at the moment the court sets aside the 2009 interim order.
  4.   If you have only green licences for your firearms or if you hold some of your firearms with green licences only, you MUST read the Natshoot Newsletter Vol 16-47 –

Please do not lose firearms for which you only have green licences because you did not act in advance to avoid losing such firearms if the SAPS case mentioned in 1 above, is successful in setting aside the 2009 interim court order.

A message from the Natshoot Office