The Best Firearm Training Academy
in the Region

Providing Personalised Firearm and Tactical Training Solutions for Individuals and Organisations.

Falcon Firearm Academy is a proud South African firearm and tactical training service provider, accredited to the highest level. We are dedicated to high quality standards prescribed by the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC).

We offer a range of training and consulting services, assisting individuals who aim to enter or attain a higher level of employment within the security and firearm industry. Furthermore, we offer services relating to self-defence, firearm training, Compliance and Competency.


Falcon Firearm Academy’s outlook is to continue to provide the BEST professional, practical, job-oriented services:

Anti Hijacking Course Port Elizabeth

Anti Hijacking Course

The course focuses on how to prevent a hijack situation and provides practical demonstrations on how to react in such a hijack situation.

National Key Point Training Course Port Elizabeth

National Key Point (NKP) Training

Offering National Key Point Officer Training in order to equip and protect the National Key Points of South Africa.

Close Protection Officer Course Port Elizabeth

Close Protection Officer (CPO) Course

The exciting career of a Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) can be a reality. This is an intense, fitness based course which takes place over a 6 week period.

Firearm Training Port Elizabeth

Firearm Training

Firearm training for private individuals as well as people who work in the security industry.

Crowd Control Course Port Elizabeth

Crowd Control Course

The Crowd Control course offers advanced knowledge and techniques on how to manage crowds of protestors.

Indoor Shooting Range Port Elizabeth

Sport Shooting

Occasional Sport Shooting

What you can expect

At Falcon Academy you will work hard to earn your certification.

You, your safety and comfort will always come first. You can expect excellent prepared courses that are well planned and run on time. You will be provided with the best equipment and be given instruction by some of our region’s most respected instructors.

When you receive your certificate we guarantee that you will know how to use a firearm properly.

Our accreditations:

  • Department of Labour No. CI 451/3/12/1
  • SASSETA Acr No. 051905002876
  • NKP Acr No. 6010720
  • PSIRA Acr No. 1813241
  • MERSETA Acr No. 17QA/ACC/0647/11
  • SAPS Acr No. 4000315
  • PFTC Acr No. 051905002876
  • NRCS Acr No. AZC 2018/050

Best Facilities

Falcon Firearm Academy’s location, facilities and state-of-the-art shooting range which is open 24/7, is unmatched in Port Elizabeth and surrounding regions.

No expense has been spared to ensure that trainees are safe and secure, and provided with the best equipment.

A canteen compliments the academy’s comfort and central location by providing good food to visitors.

Best People

Firearm Proficiency Training may only be provided by Accredited Training Providers who are accredited to the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC).

Our trainers, assessors and moderators are all fully registered and set with clear performance standards and guidelines of best practice and continual professional development.

Charlie Jonker, the owner of Falcon Academy is the region’s PFTC registered verifier bearing testament to Falcon Academy’s status in the industry.

Falcon Academy